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  • Residential and Hotel Projects
  • Integrated Sugar cum cogen power plants
  • Dairy and Flowriculture projects
  • Forging and other manufacturing plants
  • Schools ,Colleges and Hospital projects

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Private Equity can be arranged for companies through Foreign or Domestic investors at various level i.e. Early stage, Growth Level etc. However most of the PE funds in India do funding for growth level companies. Mezzanine Equity generally done for Real Estate sector and can be arranged on project level basis. Choice of product varies as per the mutual consent of Investor & clients.

In this category of services, MFS undertakes:



We can arrange debt through various options as mentioned hereunder. The type of option depends on different parameters i.e. End use of funds, Security offered, Time period & affordability on cost of funds etc. A variety of debt optiopns is as follows:

Long Term Debt (Term loan)

Short Term Debt (Working capital)

Project Loan

Cash Credit

Sub limit /LC

Over draft

Buyers Credit


Loan Against Tangible Security/ LAP


Loan Against Receivables/ LRD


External Commercial Borrowing


Line of Credit/ Corporate loan

Bill Discounting

Core Team

The Core Team of MFS is having a combined experience of more than 10 decades comprises people from different backgrounds and in rendering services, specially raising funds for corporate entities & building relationship.

The team lends itself into consulting of various assignments and adds value into the assignments through a talent pool of Engineers, Bankers, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, tax advisors and financial market advisors. A brief profile of core team is as follows:

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